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Dolphin’s Sound was born in 2015 with an HAND MADE line: guitar effects, bass effects and pedalboards.

The effects line is characterized by a strong design of the box, high quality components, and the characteristic colored LED on the base of each pedal.

The graphics are designed by florentine talented artists and designers.
All pedals are divided on a trilogy that unites them: The three naked men, Dante Trilogy, Da Vinci Experience, and the Chimera.

The actually list effects consists of: overdrive, fuzz, distortion, boost, compressor, booster, tremolo, chorus. Interesting is the of research materials, for example the carbon fiber for the construction of the box. 


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This product has been manufactured according to the following standards:

Directive 2004/108/CE know as “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive”. Directive 2002/95/CE know as “RoHS Directive


 “DOLPHIN. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR  2014-2020”