Giuseppe Scarpato

Demo effects: -Leonardo Compressor -Paradiso Booster[...]

Custom Shop - Padova - Italy

Guitarist: Gabriele Remogna On stage with Dolphin's Sound Guitar Effects. [...]

Welcome #Nashiville You can find Dolphin's Sound guitar effects in USA. #icaccvm Dallas International Guitar & Music Festival 40th Anniversary Summer Namm 17[...]

Dallas International Guitar Festival 17

Dallas International Guitar Festival 17

#DIGF17 Day 1 Stand Dolphin's Sound [...]

New Video

About Us[...]

Carbon Fiber

Box effects in carbon fiber!!! Dolphin's Sound also think about your health!!! :-) Reduce the weight of your pedalboard. Reduce pain of your back!!! :-)[...]

Wooden box limited edition

Wooden box limited edition. Sealing wax logo stamp. Shockproof padding. Available with a pre-order, contact your store. 100% Hand Made FIRENZE #icaccvm [...]

Massimo Varini

From Massimo Varini on stage with Dolphin's Sound guitar effects: -Purgatorio Overdrive -Nettuno Fuzz -Perseo Boost -David Distortion #icaccvm[...]

Erik Donatini & Eros Pistoia

SHG MILANO 2016[...]

Saturnino e Fruz

SHG 2016 - Dolphin's Sound Stand[...]

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